Tory Schalkle Named Chair of the Wayzata Parks and Trails Board

  • A few new playgrounds — at least two are planned for this year
  • More focus on trail upkeep and grooming
  • Continue and potentially expand our roster of community events like maple tree tapping, concerts in the park, etc.
  • We need to ensure funding is more sustainable, even if that means experimenting with various monetization efforts (e.g., sponsorships)
  • We as a Board need to better partner with the City Council to keep them abreast along the way, not just at the final point of recommendation
  • We could make the Board efficient by better leveraging things like subcommittees or captainships and being more transparent on progress



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Tory Schalkle

Tory Schalkle

Tory J. R. Schalkle is a Senior Vice President of Enterprise Strategy at U.S. Bank